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My Life Was Never Been The Same With Rehab In PA
I feel this has made me be more open, communicative, honest, empathetic, caring person in every area and aspect of my life, and especially more patience and open-mindedness.
, PA Dec 3, 2011

No To Addiction Again
The treatment is focused on the physical aspects of addiction, however, there was a fair amount of traditional therapy involved. I do clearly remember that within just a few days of beginning the treatment my cravings were gone, and I could finally focus on a life that had nothing to do with my addiction.
, Pennsylvania Dec 1, 2011

Thanks to Rehab In PA
I have to express my deepest gratitude to Rehab In PA for giving me my life back. I don't think I could've gotten sober without them. Thank you.
, Pennsylvania Oct 19, 2011

My Life Was Back
No cravings for alcohol. Cigarettes started to taste bad & stink. High level of concentration & energy.
, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania Aug 29, 2011

Effective Treatment at Rehab in PA
I've been through treatments before at other places but nothing really on a personalized level. I think that's what makes them so successful here. It worked for me.
, Pittsburgh, PA, USA Jan 18, 2012

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